Churros a popular pastry in Madrid for gluten free bakeries in Madrid

Gluten Free Bakeries in Madrid, Tasty Pastries in Spain!

Gluten free bakeries in Madrid, is it possible? When I think of Madrid, I think of the great museums it has such as the The Prado. I also think of the beautiful architecture and the beautiful and lively people who live there. And then there are sweet treats that you can eat such as Spanish hot chocolate and churros. But gluten free? It sounds impossible but there are gluten free bakeries in the Spanish capital! Not only that, but these bakeries make delicious and tasty pastries. Yes, a gluten intolerant person in Madrid can enjoy all that this city has to offer. Here are two of the best bakeries.

Gluten Free Bakeries in Madrid

Sana Locura Gluten Free Bakery – Located at Calle del Gral Oraa, 49, 28006 Madrid, this bakery is completely gluten free. It has a nice selection of gluten free breads, pastries and desserts. Some of the bakeries favorites are their croissants, red velvet cake and gluten free empanadas.

CELICIOSO Gluten Free Bakery – Located at Calle de Hortaleza, 3, 28004 Madrid, this bakery is 100% gluten free. There is a wide selection of cakes, cupcakes, special treats, and cookies. Some of the bakeries favorites are celtic cheesecake, banana choco, and cookie choco chip. The bakery also has vegan and lactose free options.


Gluten free bakeries are alive and well in Madrid! For gluten intolerant people there are many options. Yes, everybody can enjoy fully what Madrid has to offer. So eat to your heart’s content. It’s the Spanish way!

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