Gluten Free Bakeries in Halifax – Cookies, Cupcakes and More in Nova Scotia

“Do you know where I can find a good gluten free bakery?” Once upon a time, if you asked someone that question you might have gotten a blank stare. However, today gluten free bakeries are popping up everywhere and this is especially true in Halifax. How times have changed! (And if you want to read about some of Halifax’s gluten free restaurants, you’ll want to read our article about that too.)

Halifax is one of my favourite cities. From the beauty of its harbour front to the friendliness and charm of its people, Halifax makes you feel that you are home. And when you are home, nothing beats home cooking especially when it comes to baked goods! Fortunately, many of Halifax’s gluten free bakeries provide that tasty home feel with their baked goodies. Let’s look at a few tasty options:

School House Gluten Free Gourmet – With one of its locations located at the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market on 1209 Marginal Road, this bakery offers many sumptuous delights. Gluten free lovers can enjoy mouth watering options such as Orange Cranberry Muffins, Brownie Bites and Chocolate Chip cookies. COVID-19 Inforation: Schoolhouse offers contactless payment via home delivery OR right in their store. They have an extensive online bake shop, so you can shop safely at home. Yum, do these treats look lovely!

Sweet Hereafter Cheesecakery – Located on 6148 Quinpool Road, this bakery provides a vast array of cheesecakes and has both gluten free and vegan options. For gluten-free lovers (or those who have no option in the matter) the selections are endless! You can have tasty cheesecake options such as Black Forest, Classic New York and Peanut Butter Chocolate just to name a few. COVID-19 Info: You can easily order online via their website, and check out which gluten free cheesecakes are available right now. If you go to visit their store, you’re only able to get the cheesecakes takeout right now.

Odell’s Gluten Free Bakery & Cafe – Located on 30 Farnham Gate Road in Clayton Park, this bakery is 100% gluten free and Celiac safe. Among their most popular items are their large variety of home baked cookies such as chocolate chip, vegan chocolate cupcakes, whole grain white and multigrain bread.


Halifax’s gluten free bakery scene is hopping! No longer do Celiacs or gluten intolerant people have to settle for frozen, bland options to satisfy their sweet tooth. Instead, there are bakeries that provide a wide variety of tasty delights without sacrificing taste. How sweet it is to be gluten free!