Gluten Free Bakeries in Edmonton – Finding Sweet Pastries in Alberta

Are you amazed that gluten free bakeries even exist today? I know I am! Once upon a time to find anything gluten free was like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. Those were rough days! However, today there are many options for those who are celiac or gluten intolerant. One is gluten free bakeries which are growing in leaps and bounds.

Edmonton, the city of champions! And it’s true when you think of past successes of their sports teams such as the Edmonton Oilers and Edmonton Eskimos. The city is now becoming a champion in gluten free bakeries which is great! Let’s look at a few mouth watery options:

Rio Vida – Located on 17515 100 Ave. NW, this bakery is not only gluten free but it is also vegan, egg free, dairy free and no sugar added. Impressive! This bakery has many tasty treats such as their Gluten Free Organic Lemon Curd Jelly Roll with Elderflower Buttercream, Gluten Free Dinner Rolls, and Gluten Free Homemade Beef Sausage Rolls.

Celebrate Gluten Free – Located on 15213 Stony Plain Road NW, this gluten free bakery also caters to those who are vegan, and dairy free. It has both sweet and savory treats to meet your needs such as Cakes, Bagels, Jelly Donuts and Grilled Ham and Cheese.

Food in the Nud – Located on 9628 76 Ave. NW, this bakery is not only gluten free but it is also paleo and plant based. This bakery has many gluten free pastries such as Flax Seed Bread, Pumpkin Turmeric Muffins, Chrysta’s Awesome Cookies and Sexy Lexi Date Bars.

Kinnikkinnick Fresh Store – Located on 10940 – 120 Street, this bakery carries a wide variety of products for people who are gluten free, Dairy free and nut free. This bakery bakes a large amount of gluten free goodies such as Baguettes, Breads, Hamburger and Hot dog Buns, Muffins and Donuts.


Edmonton’s gluten free bakeries are growing like never before. As a result, celiac and gluten intolerant people can now enjoy delicious pastries like everyone else. Edmonton is indeed becoming the city of champions for gluten free bakeries which is fine by me. Enjoy!

Note: Here’s a yummy gluten free treat that you might want to try at home:

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