Denver train station to show where the gluten free bakeries in Denver are located.

Gluten Free Bakeries Denver Colorado

Updated on November 13, 2023

Gluten free bakeries in Denver Colorado are a pleasant reality! This city has an abundance of riches if eating gluten free is your cup of tea. Not only are there dedicated gluten free bakeries but there are other ones that have gluten free options, too. It is wonderful! Gluten sufferers here do not have to worry if they will find something gluten free to eat. As easy as one, two, three – you’ll find delicious baked goods in Denver. (In fact, of all the locations we’ve researched, it has some of the best options around! Go Denver!)

Here is a list of some of the area’s best gluten free bakeries below.

Gluten Free Bakeries Denver

Deby’s Gluten Free – Located on 2369 South Trenton Way in Denver, this bakery is open from Tuesday to Saturday. It is a completely Gluten Free grocery store (100% gluten free bakery) and manufacturing facility. The bakery produces over 275 gluten free items including bread loaves, doughnuts, muffins, cookies, cupcakes, biscuits, pizza crust, gluten free flour mixes, and more. All of Deby’s products are made in a gluten free, shellfish free, and peanut free environment.

Wave the Grain – With two locations on 8172 South Holly Street in Centennial and 8996 West Bowles Ave Unit T1 in Littleton, this bakery is open from Tuesday to Saturday. The Centennial location is actually open from Tuesday to Sunday. The kitchen is 100% gluten free and every ingredient, surface, oven and utensil is free from any risk of cross contamination. Some of the items on their menu are sandwich rolls, seeded bread, white bread, cupcakes, cakes, muffins, burritos, quiche, banana bread, cinnamon rolls, donuts, cookies, French macaroons, pies, and fudge brownie.

Allergy Free Baking Company – Located on 14011 West Quincy Avenue Site J in Morrison, this bakery is open from Monday to Saturday. It is a dedicated gluten free, nut free and dairy free bakery with many items made without eggs, soy or corn. Some of the items from their menu are cinnamon rolls, cakes, cupcakes, breads, cookies, muffins, loaves, bars, brownies, scones, bundt cakes, pretzel bites and granola.

More Gluten Free Bakeries Denver!

Gluten Free Things, Inc. – Located on 11651 West 64th Avenue Suite A6 in Arvada,┬áthis bakery offers curbside pickup and delivery. It is a dedicated gluten free and vegan bakery and their products contain no preservatives. The bakery is also dairy free, egg free, soy free, corn free and nut free. Some of the items you can purchase from their menu are english muffins, french bread loaf, hot dog buns, cookies, gluten free vegan cupcakes, gluten free vegan cakes, pizza crust, pie shells, and graham crackers.


It’s good to be gluten free in Denver. There are so many choices; so much goodness. It makes my mouth water just thinking of the options! Pizza…cinnamon buns…even Bundt cakes that are completely without gluten! That is something truly unique because not every city has this many options. So enjoy your favorite snack. Eat your favorite dessert and know that you can do it again and again! Eat well my friends.