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Gluten Free Bakeries Chicago, Delicious Snacks!

Gluten free bakeries in Chicago is a pleasant reality. Yes, the windy city has many bakeries that are either fully gluten free or have an extensive gluten free menu. For gluten sufferers or Celiacs, this is a tremendous relief as they can have their favorite treats without fear of cross contamination and illness. Here are some of the city’s best below:

Gluten Free Bakeries Chicago

Wheat’s End Café – Located at 2873 North Broadway, this cafe has both savory dishes and baked goods that are gluten free. There are also dairy free and vegan options available. The dine in cafe is now operating at 25% capacity and there is carry out and delivery options still available. Some of their baked available from their menu are doughnuts, scones, muffins, cinnamon rolls, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies.

Sweet Ali’s Gluten Free Bakery – The bakery has been open for 10 years with one location on 1107 Waukegan Road in Glenview and the other on 13 West 1st St in Hinsdale.  Currently the bakeries are open for curbside pick up only. It is a certified gluten free bakery with dairy free and vegan options available. Some items from their menu are toffee bar, cream cheese brownie, rocky road brownie, mega chocolate chip cookie, caramel Frappuccino cupcake, challah loaf, hamburger buns, key lime pie and Dutch apple pie.

defloured: A Gluten Free Bakery – Located on 1477 West Balmoral Avenue, this bakery is a 100% dedicated Gluten Free facility. Take out and delivery options are available. There menu has a large selection of items such as bars, cookies, cupcakes, sandwich cookies, pies, scones, cake pops and breads.


Gluten free bakeries are thriving in Chicago and this trend will continue. Also, the quality of baked goods produced has risen. Now many of the gluten free baked goods produced actually rival or surpass their gluten-filled counterparts. This means that everyone in Chicago can enjoy a wonderful treat, no matter what your dietary restrictions may be. So plan your next outing or order your favorite treat knowing that something delicious awaits you. Enjoy and stay safe!

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