Gluten Free Bakeries Calgary – Delicious GF Food in Alberta

Craving something yummy? Yes, we’ve found it gluten free!

Gluten free eating CAN be a bit of a challenge, there’s no denying it. But, nothing is more satisfying for someone who is celiac or has a gluten allergy than finding a truly wonderful gluten-free bakery. Today, we are on the hunt for delicious gluten free baked goodies in Calgary, AB and area. On to the delicious quest!

Miss P’s Gluten Free Bakery This wee treasure of baked delights that are without gluten can be found in the Avenida area of Calgary. Miss P has set up shop as a booth in the new (and frankly, wonderful!) Avenida Food Hall. This wonderful business is located near to me, and so I am a very loyal customer. Miss P provides us with gluten free treats that are wonderfully near the taste and texture of the real thing. This is a dedicated gluten free bakery, so no worries about anything – especially not cross contamination. (My absolute fave? The butter tarts are DIVINE. My gluten eating husband 100% agrees and loves this kind of taste testing. Ha!) There are loads of lovely gluten free products to try, ranging from hearty breads, loaf cakes (yummy ones like lemon poppyseed or carrot), and hot dog buns. Ooh, next time I’ll have to try those and let you guys know what I think.

Care Bakery

Don’t you just love the simple and appropriate name? Care Bakery in Calgary is another dedicated gluten free bakery. (Find them online at Owner Kerry Bennet says on her site that she just wanted a sandwich. Yes! We understand that plight all too well. She became determined to develop delicious gluten free baked products, and even took the renowned Culinary program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). She wanted to – and has – made gluten free bread and buns that are good enough for absolutely anyone to enjoy. We love that – not just hard lumps of dough called bread, but bread and bakery items made with, well – care.

Easy Gluten Free Treats

I like to have a few satisfying gluten free treats and snacks in my pantry. Sometimes I just want something lovely to pair with a steaming cup of coffee or tea. Here are a couple of online options to stock up your gluten free pantry:

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K-Toos cookies by Kinnickinnick are satisfyingly crunchy and sweet, and remind me of the good old days of munching on a row of Oreo cookies. These gluten free beauties are ideal for a little snack, or to pack in your kids’ lunchbox as a treat. As a special treat: Crumble these sandwich cookies into rich (gluten free) vanilla ice cream, and top with a gluten free chocolate sauce. It is so good!

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Gluten Free Bites are a refined sugar free option that are also rich in protein. So, these are a treat you can pop in your mouth and actually feel good about! Flavours are delicious, and range from dark chocolate coconut to dark chocolate peanut butter. Any craving is covered by these wonderful little nibbles.

Favourite Gluten Free Baked Goods in Calgary

I’m on an ongoing mission to find all of us in the Calgary area delicious baked treats! This gluten free resource is one I’ll be updating regularly, so if you have a great GF spot that you’d like to tell me about – please either leave a comment or send me an email. Now, I’m off to hunt for more delicious foods for celiacs. Onward!

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