Fraser Valley Gourmet Almond Butter Crunch Review – Delicious Gluten Free Toffee made in Canada

Have you heard of Fraser Valley Gourmet Almond Butter Crunch? Today’s review is one that didn’t take much twisting of my arm to agree to do. Why? When you read: buttery toffee, rich with slivered almonds and coated with dark chocolatey goodness, what do you think? Right – that this was one review that made me downright giddy to write! But perhaps that was from the sugar rush…

Fraser Valley Gourmet is a business located in Langley, BC that started with one bright idea – Kathy Geiger made delicious Almond Butter Crunch as gifts every year. So, why not sell it? This golden idea has proved very successful – and it’s all down to the decadent, delicious flavour of the candy itself.

Almond Butter Crunch, right out of the package

What makes the difference in this handmade candy is that it uses pure butter to create the perfect toffee layer, with roasted almonds nestled inside. When I bit into the Almond butter crunch, it provided the perfect blend of: salty, a softly crunchy texture, nutty (haha! who isn’t?) and buttery sweetness. A layer of dark chocolatey coating on top finishes it all off nicely.

Please note: this stuff is ridiculously addictive! Once you open a bag of it (available in 150 or 300 gram packages), you’ll keep eating it nonstop until it is gone. My husband and I learned this the hard way! He said: “I’m not even a toffee guy. But, this stuff is incredible!” I agree wholeheartedly, and had to practically pry the package of candy from his hands.

Say goodbye to chocolate chips, and crumble up this Fraser Valley Gourmet Almond Butter Crunch candy and stir it in the next time you whip up homemade cookies. Or, crumble and tumble the delicious candy bits all over vanilla ice cream and a bit of chocolate sauce. It would be insanely good. And of course, it would make a wonderful gift for anyone with a refined sweet tooth.

My review of Fraser Valley Gourmet Almond Butter Crunch

I give this delicious gluten free confection a 9/10! I only wish they used real dark chocolate on top, instead of a confectionery dark chocolatey coating. But, the toffee is the true star here, anyway. And, with a variety of flavours, including: Dark Chocolate and Espresso, and Lemon Coconut Chai there’s a lot of deliciousness to discover! Find where to buy this delicious stuff at Indulge Specialty Sales. And save a piece for me.