Does Subway have gluten free bread? Gluten free fast food questions

Hello again! Today’s question is for you Subway lovers: “Does Subway have gluten free bread or buns for their sub sandwiches?” Okay, this is what we’ve researched, and now it’s time to tell you the results.

Yes, Subway has gluten free bread!

Yes! Many Subway locations DO carry gluten free bread. We love that the bread comes in plastic wrapped packages – only because that means it has less chance of cross contamination with the other bread items at Subway. The bread comes in a six-inch size, so if you’re ordering a gluten free footlong sub at Subway, you’ll receive two of these gluten free buns, with all of your toppings on them.

Not every Subway location may carry gluten free bread, however. So, to avoid disappointment, make sure to call your favorite Subway location before you head out to get your food.

Is the gluten free bread at Subway free? Or is there an extra charge?

Usually there will be an extra charge for the gluten free bread/buns at Subway. When I last tried the Subway gluten free bread, I was charged $2.00 extra. This charge may vary depending on location. I was glad to pay the extra two bucks, though, as it meant I could have a sub!

Are Subway gluten free subs safe for Celiacs?

Please remember too that Subway is not a gluten free restaurant. They carry many products – mainly their buns, bread and wraps – that DO contain gluten. So the chance of cross contamination is still always there. You can ask the Subway employee to please change their gloves before making your gluten free sandwich, and they should use a different cutting board and knife to prepare your gluten free sub as opposed to other subs. If you have Celiac disease, you may decide not to eat at Subway because of the risk of cross contamination – but the decision is, of course, entirely yours.

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And if you want to make subs at home…

Schar makes mini ciabatta bread loaves (gluten free of course) that are par-baked. Love it! Why is it such a great choice? It tastes amazing, gets excellent reviews AND by completing the baking at home you’ll get that delicious freshly baked bread flavor. All in the win category, if you ask this sub lover!

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