Picture of a box of corona refresca drinks to highlight question if they are gluten free.

Is Corona Refresca Gluten Free?

Is Corona Refresca gluten free? What is Corona Refresca? It is a popular alcoholic drink produced by Corona. It comes in in a few flavors such as guava lime, coconut lime, passionfruit lime, and pineapple lime. These drinks only have 4.5 percent alcohol. Many enjoy these drinks because they are tasty, refreshing and not so strong. However, are these drinks gluten free and can gluten intolerant people enjoy them too?

Corona Refresca Gluten Free? Unfortunately No

If you go to Corona’s website and look under Corona Refresca, you will see the ingredients in it. It has malt beverage, natural fruit flavors and certified colors. So what is malt beverage? If you look it up it is defined as the alcoholic fermentation of barley and hops. So fermented barley is a key ingredient of this drink. Barley is not gluten gluten free. As a result, this drink is not gluten free. And this makes sense because if you look at the regular Corona beer ingredients, the main ingredient in it is barley. So it should be no surprise that the Refresca drinks would have barley also.


As stated above, Corona Refresca is not gluten free because it has malted beverage or fermented barley in it. It is unfortunate because it is such a popular drink. However, for gluten sufferers and celiacs it is better to find an alternative than take the risk of getting sick. It is just not worth it.

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