Can you buy gluten free puff pastry? (Schar puff pastry – yes!!)

Puff pastry that’s already prepared and frozen is a perfect thing to keep in your freezer. You can create delicious pastry desserts and breakfast items so quickly and easily! But, once you begin your gluten free eating lifestyle, you might be concerned that items like puff pastry will be off the menu forever. Well…I’ve got good news for you, friend! (Especially if, like me, you’ve been watching way too many episodes of the Great British Baking show!! And cannot even fathom trying to tackle something as challenging as homemade puff pastry.)

Schar gluten free Puff Pastry

Schar makes gluten free puff pastry! You can purchase it online at (You can always check for it locally at your favourite natural food store – anywhere that carries Schar brand may also stock the puff pastry.) Be aware, though, that as a true specialty item, buying gluten free puff pastry online may be the easiest option.