Betty Crocker gluten free cake mix REVIEW: The best GF chocolate cake (Perfect for an anniversary!)

Glorious, glorious cake! When we go gluten free, it sometimes feels like a bit of a grieving process. We automatically begin to ponder all the delicious things we think we can never eat again. Things like cinnamon buns, good pizza…and CAKE! Oh no, the cake.

If you read Colin’s article on Romantic Gluten Free Restaurants in Calgary (During the coronavirus pandemic) a while ago, you’ll know that we celebrated our 25th anniversary a couple of years ago. And, as have plans for everyone everywhere – our plans changed rather drastically! Because it was at the very height of the coronavirus pandemic, we were perfectly content to stay home instead. And stay safe while we were at it.

But, that being said – there still needed to be cake! So, I want to share with you my favorite gluten free cake mix. It’s the one I made on our special day AND one I make when we’re craving delicious, chocolatey cupcakes. I also made it for our 26th anniversary last year, and I think it’s safe to say that it’ll be on the menu for this year’s anniversary too! (The cake stays the same…only the numbers change. Hahaha.)

Betty Crocker Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

Betty Crocker Gluten Free Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake Mix is my all-time favourite gluten free cake mix! So chocolatey and delightfully delicious!

I love this cake mix so much because:

  1. It is pretty affordable! At time of writing, the cake mix costs $5.87, which for a gluten free mix is a decent price.
  2. It is utterly delicious! A rich, chocolate cake that has a deep chocolate flavor and is just perfect iced with chocolate frosting. Obviously. We like our chocolate a LOT around here, and believe strongly that chocolate cake deserves chocolate frosting.
  3. It is so simple to make! So, if you have a special occasion and want a wonderful cake – but you aren’t familiar with gluten free baking OR just aren’t all that comfortable with baking in general – this is the one! All you need to do is add eggs, water and melted butter or oil to the packet of cake mix. Bake it in a greased cake pan and Voila, you have cake! I usually just frost mine with simple frosting I make at home. (Just icing sugar, a touch of vanilla, cocoa powder, a bit of butter and milk – whip together.)
  4. As with any cake mix, you can make a cake OR cupcakes with this mix. It makes one-8 inch round cake pan OR about 12-15 cupcakes. (If you plan on making a double layer cake, you’ll need to purchase two boxes of cake mix.)
  5. It is nut free. If there are nut allergies in your household, you can still make this lovely cake.
  6. The reviews are consistently high – 4 1/2 stars out of 5. So, I’m definitely not the only person who loves this cake! It is universally loved and enjoyed.

Gluten Free Cake – Good the next day

I find that some gluten free baking doesn’t stay all that nice the next day or so, but with this cake mix I’ve never had that problem. The cake is still lovely, moist and yummy the next day. So that if you want to eat chocolate cake for breakfast (ahem!) then you most certainly can. I don’t know about you, but I think a big slice of leftover chocolate cake and a big cup of coffee is heavenly once in a while for a very indulgent breakfast. :))

Betty Crocker Yellow Gluten free cake mix

Betty Crocker Gluten Free Golden Yellow Cake Mix This is an alternative if chocolate just isn’t your favourite flavour of cake. This lovely yellow cake mix is also gluten free, and easy to make!

To be fair, not everyone is as excited as I am about chocolate cake. Some prefer a golden vanilla cake – but perhaps still smothered in lovely chocolate icing! So, this cake mix is also available by Betty Crocker. The price is the same (at the time of writing this article), and the reviews are nearly as high. (4 out of 5 stars.) So, here is an alternative if you just need a different flavour profile of cake.

Easy Gluten Free Cake

These mixes make whipping up a special gluten free cake a breeze! And the results are consistently yummy – each cake mix makes one full layer of cake. (So please remember to buy two boxes if you want to make a double layer cake.) Decorate it up as creatively as you like, and then enjoy the fruits of your cake-making labours! Enjoy, everyone.

P.S. I couldn’t help myself…I started looking at gluten free cake decorations and toppers and found the following ones I had to share with you guys:

Betty Crocker Gluten Free Vanilla Whipped Frosting, 340 Gram For when you just can’t be bothered to make your own frosting, or when you want to save time.

Cake Mate, Decorating with Ease, Decors Sugar, Blue, 113g Sprinkle on for a glistening effect.

Cake Mate, Decorating with Ease, Decors Sprinkles, Teddys Picnic, 79g (Includes one sprinkle shaker with 4 different kinds of sprinkles! So cute!! Ideal for events for kids.)

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