A picture of cheesecake to denote an option of getting a gluten free cheesecake at an austin gluten free bakery.

Austin Gluten Free Bakery – GF Pastries in Texas!

Looking for an Austin gluten free bakery? You might think it to be a hopeless search. Why? Because Austin is known for delicious food which is rich in flavor. The food is also comforting and satisfying! This does not seem to be synonymous with gluten free. It is hard to imagine your favorite gooey, tasty treat being gluten free. Banish all worries of bland, tasteless gluten free food – we’ve found some incredible options for you! There are dedicated gluten free bakeries in Austin and others that provide gluten free options. Here are a few below:

Austin Gluten Free Bakery

Zucchini Kill – Located on 701 East 53rd Street Suite C in Austin, this bakery currently offers pickup and delivery services. The bakery is completely gluten free, soy free, and vegan. It also offers 100% compostable packaging. The menu has tasty gluten free items such as cream coffins, cookie cake, cakes, cupcakes, motorbread mini loaves, rocky moon waffle pies, rebel swrrrl swiss cake rolls, and even cakes for dogs.

Capital City Bakery – Located on 2211 East Cesar Chavez Street in Austin, this bakery is open for in store and curbside pick up. Even though it is a vegan bakery, there are a few gluten free items on their menu. Some of the items are gluten-free Tuxedo cupcakes, and individual gluten free Cheesecake.

Mr. Natural – There are two locations with one on 1901 East Cesar Chavez Street, and the other at 2414 A South Lamar Blvd in Austin. This restaurant makes both savory dishes and baked goods. It has dine in, take out and delivery services. Even though this is a vegetarian and vegan bakery, it also has gluten free options. Some of the gluten free items are a variety of gluten free cakes, pies, and cupcakes.


Austin gluten free bakeries are a wonderful reality. And this trend will continue to grow, as more people determine that a gluten free lifestyle is the best for them. So, brighten up your day by ordering a delicious gluten free dessert or treat! Your taste buds and stomach will thank you for it! Enjoy and please stay safe.

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