picture of Wendy's fries to highlight the question, are Wendy's fries gluten free?

Are Wendy’s Fries Gluten Free?

Are Wendy’s fries gluten free? You hope so as they are pretty tasty! Yes, Wendy’s has a lot of delicious meals such as their combos. However it is their fries make the perfect compliment and bring it all together. It’s part of the reason why Wendy’s is such a popular fast food chain. But are their fries gluten free? Gluten sufferers want to know.

Are Wendy’s Fries Gluten Free? Caution is Needed

If you go to Wendy’s website and look at the ingredients for it’s French fries, you will notice a couple of details. First, it says that “this item does not directly contain allergens. Please review the full ingredient list for detailed information.” If you look at their ingredients, there are no gluten items listed. However, this is a big caution. Right after listing it’s ingredients it says “COOKED IN THE SAME OIL AS MENU ITEMS THAT CONTAIN WHEAT, MILK, AND FISH.” This means there is definitely the potential of cross contamination if something with gluten was fried in that same oil.

Finally, at the bottom website page it says that they “are unable to guarantee that any menu item can be completely free of allergens. Customers with allergies and sensitivities should exercise judgment when ordering.”


Wendy’s fries do not contain any gluten in its ingredients. However, they cannot guarantee that their fries are gluten free. The reason is that they use the same oil to deep fry their fries as other items that contain gluten. If you are very gluten sensitive or Celiac this could be a problem as there is potential for cross contamination. If you are not as gluten sensitive, you might be able to have them which is great. However, because of that we can’t say that they are truly gluten free and caution is definitely needed. Stay safe everyone.