Are Welch’s fruit snacks gluten free? Gluten free snacks for kids

Welch’s Fruit snacks are a continual favorite of kids and parents all around the world! Why? Because these delicious fruit snacks not only taste delicious, but they’re filled with real fruit. In fact, Welch’s says that fruit is the very first ingredient in these chewy and yummy snacks. But, we need to discover today if these lunchbox treats are safe for Celiacs and those with a gluten intolerance. Are Welch’s fruit snacks gluten free?

Are Welch’s fruit snacks gluten free? Yes!

It gives me a real boost to be able to tell you guys with confidence when something is gluten free. And guess what everyone? These delicious fruit snacks ARE indeed gluten free! They are clearly labelled right on the label or box to be gluten free – meaning they’ve been tested and verified as such. So, unlike a lot of other of our snacks and candy articles we’ve written (we’re looking at you Starburst candies) these are fully safe for anyone who needs to eat gluten free for health reasons. Yay!

Are all types of Welch’s fruit snacks gluten free?

Yes! We’ve done some additional research to check out some of the different types and varieties of Welch’s fruit candies and snacks. As far as we can find, they are ALL gluten free! Yes! The regular Mixed Fruit is gluten free, as are the rather scrumptious sounding Fruit and Yogurt Strawberry and Blueberry fruit snacks by Welch’s. To be safe, though, always look for the GLUTEN FREE label on the package of snacks that you’re eating. That will make you confident that your snack will not leave you feeling ill.

What are the ingredients in Welch’s fruit snacks?

If you have other food sensitivities besides gluten OR if you try to avoid certain ingredients for health reasons, then we wanted to also provide you with a list of ingredients in these snacks. (We know that some parents need to avoid – for instance – food coloring in their kids’ snack foods.) Here, then, are the ingredients in a box of Welch’s snacks:

Welch’s Mixed Fruit Fruit Snacks Ingredients – Fruit puree (grape, peach, orange, strawberry and raspberry), corn syrup, sugar, modified corn starch, gelatin, Concord grape juice from concentrate, citric acid, natural flavors, sodium citrate, coconut oil, carnauba wax, turmeric (for natural color), and other natural colors.

Are Welch’s gummies vegan? Are they peanut free?

These fruit snacks are also fat free, but please note that they are not listed as vegetarian or vegan because they contain gelatin. So they’re not suitable if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. Sorry, guys.

But, the better news is that they are verified peanut free! So if you’re packing these yummy real fruit gummies in your child’s lunch, you won’t have to worry if their school has a no-peanut policy in place for any food brought in. Yay!

Welch’s snacks – gluten free! Conclusion

Happily, we can tell you that Welch’s makes delicious fruity, gummy snacks that ARE gluten free! These snacks are also peanut free, and fat free. Plus, the very first ingredient in them is fruit, unlike a lot of other fruit snacks available on the market. But, they are not vegan or vegetarian, due to containing gelatin.

But, for our purposes here today – the excellent news is that they are indeed gluten free. So snack happy! And snack safe. 🙂

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