Are Twizzlers gluten free? Gluten free snack questions

We’re on a quest around here to find out which snack foods are or aren’t gluten free, to give you the information you need before heading out to buy your favorite treats! Today’s question is: Are Twizzlers gluten free? We all want to know, as Twizzlers are a favorite snack! These red licorice candy twists are popular to snack on during movies, football games, and so much more!

Twizzlers are NOT gluten free

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Twizzlers are NOT gluten free. You might expect that since they’re candy they would be safe to eat, but they’re not. In fact, the ingredients list on a pack of Twizzlers says that there is WHEAT FLOUR in these candies. (It’s the second ingredient on the list.) So, they are not safe to eat if you’re gluten intolerant or Celiac.

I know it can be an real downer to discover that a favorite snack or treat is not gluten free. But I went on a hunt, and did manage to find a few alternatives that ARE gluten free, though. While not exactly the same as Twizzlers, they may satisfy that candy craving! Or, if you’re having a family member over and want a snack for them that is safe for them to eat – these may fill the bill.

Annie’s Summer Strawberry chewy candies have a delicious strawberry flavour that mimics Twizzlers. Or for something a little different, they also have a highly-rated Pink Lemonade flavor. YUM!!! These come in boxes of 5 pouches each, so it’s easy to tuck a little snack into your lunch bag or your purse. Or, fill a bowl with the pouches and everyone can have a little bag of candy to themselves. And these candies are certified gluten free, too.

Or, if you’re craving sour candy, then Maynard’s Sour Patch Kids are also gluten free! (We have a whole article about Sour Patch kids! Just in case you’d like some more info on that. Can you tell we love snacks around here?)

Conclusion – Twizzlers are not safe for Celiacs

The end of this story is, sadly, that Twizzlers are NOT a treat for those of us who must eat gluten free for medical reasons. We tried to find a couple of other treats that might suffice if you want some candy to snack on. Don’t worry…there are almost always alternatives to the gluten-filled treats we are used to. And, as more of us need to eat gluten free, manufacturers will keep developing new gluten free products for us.

P.S. I’m on the hunt for a tasty Twizzler-like red licorice treat that IS gluten free. If you know of any, please let us know!

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