A picture of Tic Tacs to highlight the question of are Tic Tacs gluten free.

Are Tic Tacs Gluten Free?

Are Tic Tacs gluten free? That is an interesting question. Most of us probably do not even ponder the question. However, it is good to ask because most of us love Tic Tacs! I remember fondly as a kid buying a pack and trying to have only one or two at a time. It was impossible! They were so good, that I’d almost eat them all in one sitting. They were so tasty that one was never enough.

However, are they gluten free? Because many people love Tic Tacs and more and more people are gluten intolerant or Celiac, a potential issue could arise. Here is the answer below.

Are Tic Tacs Gluten Free? MAYBE

If you go to the Tic Tac website, they list the ingredients of all of their flavors they sell. For example if you go into “details” of their Freshmints Tic Tacs, they list the ingredients in it. The ingredients are sugar, maltodextrin, rice starch, gum arabic, natural and artificial flavors, magnesium stearate, and carnauba wax. At first, look, there doesn’t appear to be any gluten ingredients in it. The only starch or flour is rice starch which would be gluten free.

However, caution is needed. Why? For one thing it shows natural and artificial flavors but does not describe what these are. Do any of these flavors contain gluten? We do not know which could be a problem. Also, no where on their website, does it indicate Tic Tacs is gluten free. You would think that if they were, they would highlight it boldly on their website. Finally, the company that make Tic Tacs also produces other confectionary products such as Nutella, Butterfingers, Rocher, and Kinder to name a few. Perhaps there could be cross contamination issues so caution would be needed.

For many people, Tic Tacs may be safe to eat, but if you’re Celiac it’s good to be extra careful. These are not a food item that are labelled or certified to be gluten free.


Are Tic Tacs gluten free? On the surface, it appears that they could be but more investigation is needed especially if you are very gluten sensitive or Celiac. As mentioned above, there could be issues with some of the ingredients and the potential issue of cross contamination.