Are Takis gluten free? Gluten free salty snacks and chips

Hello gluten free snack lovers! Today’s question you need the answer to is: Are Takis gluten free? Takis are a super popular rolled corn tortilla snack. Ah ha…the fact that it says corn – does that mean these are automatically gluten free?

Takis are NOT certified gluten free

Takis are not gluten free, even though the main ingredient is corn, which is of course a gluten free product. Right on the packaging you’ll discover that the Takis snacks are made in facilities where cross contamination may occur. So, if you are Celiac or have a serious gluten intolerance or allergy, these are not safe to eat. Sadly, this means that any of the flavors are not gluten free, because they all must be made in the same facilities.

If, however, you have a milder intolerance, then you may be able to eat these without issues. But, be aware that these are definitely not certified or labelled to be gluten free.

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