Are Swedish fish gluten free? Gluten free candy and treats

Swedish fish are a very popular candy item. These little red gummy fish have a distinctive berry flavor. If you believe the legend of these candies, because they’re actually of Swedish origin, the original flavor was supposed to be lingonberry! They were made originally by Swedish candy maker Malaco, but always were intended for the U.S. market. All we know is that these little candies are delicious! But, we need to know if they’re gluten free.

Are Swedish fish candy gluten free?

Yes! Swedish fish candies are gluten free! When contacted, the company says that there are absolutely no gluten ingredients in these candies. So, whether you want to pop a little bag of these into your lunch bag for a treat OR your kids love them as an occasional treat, you’ll know that Swedish Fish are okay to eat.

Are Swedish berries gluten free?

While we’re talking about Swedish sweets (which is a fun phrase to say, by the way!) we should also discuss whether Swedish berries are also gluten free. Ironically, ‘Swedish’ berries were a candy treat originally made in Canada, and they’re still being produced in Canada. Huh! And yes, Swedish berries are also gluten free!

Gluten free sweets – Conclusion

It’s great when we can tell you without reservation that something IS gluten free and safe for you to eat, whether you are Celiac or have a gluten allergy or intolerance. In this case, both Swedish Fish candy AND Swedish berries candy are all gluten free. So enjoy a sweet treat without worry!

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