Are Starburst gluten free? Gluten free candy and snacks

Starburst candies are chewy and burst with a delicious fruit flavor! No wonder people love to grab these as a sweet treat. But, for those of us who are Celiac or have a serious gluten allergy, we need to know – are Starburst candies gluten free?

Yes…in the US

Again, we discover that manufacturing processes can be different for the same company in different countries. In the US, Wrigley (who produces Starburst candy) says that Starbursts are made with gluten free ingredients. They do not label their candy as gluten free, because of possible cross contamination.

Starburst not gluten free in Australia

Interestingly – and sadly – Starburst candy made in Australia is NOT gluten free. Right on the packaging it clearly states that there is wheat in the product. Apparently, it helps to thicken the taffy candy. So, if you’re in Australia or New Zealand definitely DO NOT eat Starburst candy! It’s not gluten free.

So, depending on where you live Starburst may or may not be a gluten free food. To be extra careful, only eat foods that are certified and labelled as gluten free, particularly if you’re Celiac.

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