Are Sour Patch Kids candy gluten free?

Kids – and let’s admit it, adults – the world over are asking this question! Are Sour patch kids gluten free? That delicious, sour then sweet candy that we know and love. But, does it contain any gluten?

Yes, Sour Patch kids are gluten free!

Hooray! We absolutely love it when we can tell you without restraint that a favorite food of yours IS in fact gluten free. And when it comes to this favorite candy, we can definitely say it’s gluten free and safe to eat if you are Celiac or have a gluten allergy.

As far as package labelling – this particular package doesn’t say gluten free, but because it’s completely without typical gluten-containing ingredients, it is considered gluten free. Sometimes a company just hasn’t had a product certified gluten free, but still can be considered such. All of the varieties of Sour Patch kids are also considered gluten free!

Sour Patch Kids – Varieties

Now that you know you can safely eat these gluten free candies, we went out and searched for what varieties of Sour Patch kids are currently available. Here’s what we found:

So, pop a little bag into your lunch bag for a treat at work, into a picnic basket OR as a treat for your kids. Sour Patch Kids are gluten free, and a fun occasional sweet treat. Enjoy!

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