Are Snickers bars gluten free? Gluten free chocolate and candy bars

Snickers bars are a delicious candy bar that really fills you up! Complete with peanuts, nougat and caramel and then wrapped in chocolate, it’s no wonder Snickers are a continual favorite for those looking for a sweet treat. But, as always, we wanted to find out if these favorite treats are gluten free. So that is our question of the day: Are Snickers bars gluten free? Can anyone with a gluten allergy or even someone with Celiac disease enjoy a Snickers bar?

Does Snickers have gluten?

Hooray! According to the candy bar ingredients list, Snickers contains no gluten ingredients. So, for many people a Snickers bar will be a safe treat if you can’t eat gluten due to an intolerance. But, please be aware that these candy bars have NOT been certified gluten free. So, there is always a chance that cross contamination may occur.

What is cross contamination?

You’ll find that phrase – cross contamination – being referred to quite a lot when we’re discussing whether or not a certain food has gluten. Sometimes, a food item – like Snickers bars – may contain no actual gluten ingredients in the recipe to make the product. But, cross contamination means that other products made in the same production facility may indeed contain gluten. So, there is a risk that lingering amounts of gluten could in fact come in contact with the food, even if there is no actual gluten added to recipe. Make sense? So, if you’re Celiac, then you’ll need to decide which food items with a potential of cross contamination you’re willing to eat. (For many Celiacs, they simply won’t eat food that has a potential of being cross contaminated.)

So, do Snickers have gluten? Conclusion

Snickers bars – those glorious candy bars filled with caramel, peanuts, nougat and milk chocolate – do not contain any gluten in their recipe. But, they are also not certified gluten free, which means there is a chance that cross contamination could occur. So, please choose your snacks carefully, especially if you have Celiac disease. Snack safely, everyone!

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