Are Skittles gluten free? Gluten free candy and sweets

Hi everyone! Today’s gluten free question of the day is: “Are skittles gluten free?” Skittles are a popular, intensely fruit flavored candy treat that so many people of all ages love. But, are they safe for Celiacs to eat? We did the research to find out.

Do Skittles have gluten? Or are they gluten free?

Good news everyone – Skittles ARE gluten free! Hooray! I just love when we can add another candy to our list of goodies that are safe for Celiacs to eat – and anyone with a gluten allergy or intolerance, too. Skittles proudly declare right on their packages that they are gluten free. So yes, they are definitely safe to eat.

Are Skittles vegan? Do they have gelatin?

Gelatin is often derived from animal sources, and so if a candy or food contains gelatin it isn’t safe for vegans to eat. But, happily again – Skittles does not contain gelatin! This means that Skittles are vegan and vegetarian, and just about everyone can eat them.

Skittles Gifts (Gift ideas for Skittles lovers/candy lovers)

I happened to find a few fun Skittles items that you might like to check out, especially if you’re looking for a gift for a Skittles lover.

  • Canada: For the true Skittles lover, 2 HUGE bags will keep them enjoying their favorite treat for a long time.
  • Canada: Skittles socks, yes it’s true! ‘If you can read this bring me Skittles’ is on the bottom of the socks. So cute!
  • US: The same cool Skittles socks, as mentioned above. There are even colorful Skittles embroidered right in the pattern.
  • US: Lipsmackers makes an 8 pack of their famous lip balm, all in Skittles flavours! Of course, with all these lip balms in one pack they’re also perfect to share with friends. I was impressed that these have an average rating of 5/5 stars.