Are Reese’s Pieces gluten free? Gluten free candy and sweets

Hello, and welcome to our latest project – finding out whether or not Reese’s Pieces are gluten free! So, are Reese’s Pieces gluten free? Is this movie time favorite snack safe to munch on along with our vat of popcorn? We went on a mission to find out.

Reese’s Pieces ARE gluten free

Yes! It makes me very, very happy to inform you that your favorite treat – Reese’s Pieces, those glorious peanut butter filled candies – ARE gluten free! Reese’s Pieces are a candy-covered peanut butter treat created by Hershey’s, and on Hershey’s own website they say that these candies are gluten free! Yay!

A little side note, however: these candies are not certified gluten free. That means you won’t find a GF label on the candies. So, these have never been tested to be gluten free. Reese’s Pieces just don’t contain any gluten ingredients. So, if you’re Celiac and need to strictly eat only those things that are verified gluten free, then you may need to be cautious.

HUGE bag of Reese’s pieces (Canada) | Crazy Reese’s Round jigsaw puzzle (US)

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