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Are potato chips gluten free? This is a vitally important question to know the answer to, since chips are one of the most popular snacks in North America! In England, they call chips crisps and they’re equally popular. Whether you love your chips plain, ripple, or served up with a creamy dip – you’ll know that this snack is one that would be downright difficult to give up when you’re diagnosed as Celiac. (If you happen to be a Lay’s chips lover, we wrote an article specifically about that brand.)

Good news: Chips are gluten free!

Again, we love it when we can tell you that chips are gluten free! Now, we mean that plain chips – just potatoes fried in oil and with a bit of salt – are gluten free. (There is always a risk that chips not labelled gluten free could be cross contaminated, so please be cautious.) But, what about flavored chips like BBQ chips or salt and vinegar?

In all cases, please check the packaging of the bag of chips you’re going to buy. Brands will proudly put the ‘GF’ labelling on their products if they’re certified gluten free. Being certified gluten free means they’ve earned the right to put that label on their products. Their products have been tested and are proved to be safe for Celiacs and those with a gluten allergy or intolerance.

A Warning: Some flavours of chips might have gluten in them. I’ve personally discovered that some bags of barbecue chips are NOT gluten free, because they have wheat or barley flavoring in them to intensify the flavor of the coating on the chips. That’s why you should always, always double check the ingredients and check to see if the bag of chips has the ‘Gluten Free’/GF label on it.

Is Chip dip gluten free?

The answer is: often, but not always. As chip dip usually has cream cheese, sour cream or mayonnaise as a primary ingredient – these are all gluten free! But, it’s the flavorings and spices added that may cause these dips to contain gluten. So, please always read the ingredients in the dip. And, to be super safe only purchase chip dip that clearly is labelled as gluten free. That way you know you (or your family or friends) can snack away, and not be stuck with the bad consequences that come from unintentionally ingesting gluten.

Some of my favorite certified gluten free chips

Some brands have many options of gluten free chips – including even the flavored chips! Here are a few of my favorites:

Kettle Brand chips

This brand is well known for the delicious flavors of chips they produce. And thankfully, these lovely crunchy chips also have many gluten free options to choose from! Some of their gluten free flavors include:

Hardbite gluten free potato chips

Hardbite chips are exactly what their name describes – home style chips with a real crunch! These flavors are all certified gluten free:

Thankfully, we who cannot consume gluten CAN usually eat potato chips. To be extra careful always check the label, and choose gluten free certified chips whenever possible. That certification means there’s no chance for getting sick due to cross-contamination.

So, go ahead and enjoy a bowl of chips …isn’t it great to know you can still eat chips!? I for one, am so thankful to still have this favorite snack to enjoy. Hooray for potato chips!!

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