Are Nerds candy gluten free? Gluten free candy and snacks

Are Nerds gluten free? (And yes, we are most definitely talking about Nerds, the candy, and not human nerds. Some of us are nerds and quite proud of it! haha) I remember Nerds candy fondly…those little nuggets of sugary goodness that are at once both sweet and a little sour. Delicious as an occasional treat! But, for those of us suffering with either Celiac disease OR a gluten allergy or intolerance, we need to answer the question – are they gluten free or not?

Nerds ARE gluten free – mostly

Like many candies, Nerds are considered a gluten free food. Why? Nerds contain no gluten containing ingredients, such as wheat. But, the packages of candy contain the warning that Nerds may be made on processing facilities that make confections and foods that DO contain wheat. So, if you’re Celiac, please be aware of a risk of cross contamination.

So, for many of us, Nerds is a movie time or snack time treat that we CAN have, because there are no gluten ingredients in the candy. BUT, beware if you are Celiac, due to possible cross contamination. That is why these candies cannot be verified to be gluten free, and are not labelled as gluten free on the packages of candy.

Most varieties of Nerds have no gluten ingredients. Here are just some of the types of Nerds candies available:

And apparently there are a lot of Nerds fans out there. You can even show off your love of Nerds candy with this nifty little Nerds candy travel pillow. I just had to share that with you, I couldn’t help myself. I never imagined there was such a pillow available, so now I know better. What would make a cooler gift for a nerd who loves to travel?

Gluten free candy and food

We do a lot of research around here into which of our favorite snack foods and candy are gluten free. We try to answer questions about which foods are or aren’t gluten free, so you can enjoy your faves without worrying. Here are just a few of our most recent discoveries:

Conclusion: Are Nerds gluten free?

So, for the most part Nerds are gluten free. But they aren’t considered safe if you have Celiac disease, due to the possibility of cross contamination. We will keep trying to find the best foods and snacks available that ARE gluten free! Please bookmark us and visit often to find out what we discover next.

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