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Today we’re on a quest for gluten free snacks, and are therefore asking: Are Milk Duds gluten free? You know all about Milk Duds, right? They are a yummy candy made by Hershey’s company – a glorious center of smooth creamy caramel coated in milk chocolate. Yum!

Milk Duds ARE gluten free!

Are they gluten free? YES! We can say without reservation that these wonderful candies – Milk Duds – ARE gluten free! Hooray! Right on their website, Hershey’s describes these candies as being gluten free. As always, we are thrilled when we can tell you that a favorite snack is safe for you to eat if you’re Celiac or have a gluten intolerance or allergy. Happy, safe snacking everyone.

P.S. Milk duds make a perfect movie at home snack. Just sayin’ 😉 Add a bowl of popcorn and you are set with an ideal salty and sweet situation – the snacker’s dream!

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