Are Funyuns gluten free? Onion flavored rings/salty snacks

Funyuns are a fun, onion-flavored cornmeal snack made by Frito Lay. If you love your snacks to be a bit salty, a bit crunchy and with a delicious onion-ring inspired flavor – well, these bags of snacks are calling your name! But, most importantly for those of us who are Celiac or allergic to gluten – Are Funyuns gluten free? Let’s find out…

Are Funyuns gluten free? Yes, with a caution

Yay! We can say that for most people, Funyuns snacks are safe to eat! These fun little bags of snacks are made with entirely gluten-free ingredients. The main ingredient in Funyuns is actually cornmeal – which is gluten free!

These snacks are considered gluten free, although they haven’t been certified as such. Due to the manufacturing process of Funyuns, Frito-Lay hasn’t had them labelled as gluten free. (The manufacturing lines these snacks are made on also produce snacks that DO contain wheat. But, the manufacturer says there are stringent cleaning procedures done between processing batches of snacks, so most people will be perfectly fine.)

BUT…if you are especially sensitive to even minute amounts of gluten due to cross-contamination, then you probably should not eat these snacks. For many people who avoid gluten, these snacks will be okay. But, since they’re not certified gluten free, there will be some people who should not eat these.

Conclusion – Gluten free Funyuns?

For many people Funyuns will be a safe gluten free snack choice. This is because their main ingredient is corn, and all the other ingredients used in making these are gluten free as well. But, if you need to avoid any possibility of cross-contamination, then you might not want to risk eating these. This is especially true, of course, if you have been diagnosed with Celiac disease. You’ll know best what is safe for your body to consume. Happy – and safe – snacking everyone!

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