Are Frosted Flakes Gluten Free? Gluten free cereal questions and answers

Hey everyone! Today’s question of the day is: “Are Frosted Flakes gluten free?” Since they’re basically sugary corn flakes, you might think they’d be safe to eat, but let’s do a little research to find out the answer.

Do Frosted Flakes have gluten?

Sadly, Frosted Flakes DO have gluten in them, and so they are NOT gluten free. I know this is a real bummer, especially as regular Kellogg’s frosted flakes are one of the most popular cereals around. But, because they use a malt flavouring in the cereal – which contains gluten – these are definitely not safe for us to eat.

Are any types of Frosted Flakes gluten free?

None of the regular Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes are gluten free. But, happily, we did find some other options you can check out! Other brands do not use malt flavouring, and therefore those types of cereal are gluten free. We found one highly-rated, organic, lower-sugar and of course GLUTEN FREE kind of cereal you might want to try:

  • Nature’s Path Envirokids Amazon Flakes – like Frosted Flakes, but without the gluten. This particular listing is for a large pack of 6 boxes of cereal. They’re also lower in sugar than regular Frosted Flakes. Also Organic, if you choose organic foods for your family.

Are Frosted Flakes gluten free – Conclusion

So, we sadly learned that regular Kellogg’s frosted flakes have gluten. But, we found a Nature’s Path version of frosted flakes that are healthier AND gluten free! So, if you’re a Frosted Flakes fan, you can still enjoy the taste of your favorite morning cereal without ingesting any gluten. Happy and safe eating to you!

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