Are Fritos gluten free – Gluten free corn chips and snacks

Fritos are a classic salty snack – a corn chip snack that has been made and enjoyed since 1932! These fun corn snacks are definitely delicious, but around here we like to check out that all of our snacks are safe to eat. Meaning of course, that they cannot contain gluten! So, are Fritos gluten free? If you love corn chips, this is an important answer to know.

Do Fritos have gluten?

None of the Fritos recipes actually contain gluten ingredients. This means that all of the ingredients contained within the Fritos recipe are gluten free. BUT…(sorry, there’s always a but isn’t there?) that doesn’t automatically mean that all Fritos are verified gluten free. Since Fritos are made in manufacturing facilities that produce other types of snacks, there is always a possibility that some of the types of Fritos can have issues of cross contamination.

Which Fritos are guaranteed to be gluten free?

The types of Fritos snacks which are verified gluten free are:

  • Fritos Lightly salted corn chips
  • Fritos Original corn chips
  • Fritos Original corn chips (reduced fat)
  • Fritos Scoops! Corn chips

These varieties of Fritos are made on a dedicated line, meaning they are never also used to produce other snacks which could contain gluten. So, if you’re craving Fritos corn chips, then choose one of the above four types to make sure your snacking is totally safe.