Are Doritos Gluten free? Gluten free snacks

Are Doritos gluten free? Doritos are a favorite, crunchy, salty and cheesy tortilla chip snack that many of us know and love. These party time favorites have been in production in North America since 1966! So, many of us have loved snacking on them for decades.

But if you’re searching for whether or not Doritos are gluten free, it’s likely because you love them and are hoping that you can still eat them now that you’ve been diagnosed as Celiac! (Or as having a gluten intolerance.) So, we went and researched to discover whether or not Doritos chips are a safe, gluten free snack. What did we find?

Some Doritos ARE Gluten free

Doritos produces a specialty line of organic snacks called simply Doritos Organic. The White Cheddar variety is made on a separate line and therefore can be labelled as being gluten free! They are also organic, as opposed to regular Doritos. Hooray! A truly gluten free bag of Doritos to enjoy. If you are Celiac, these are the best type of Doritos for you to enjoy safely.

Some Doritos have no gluten added

Then there are also flavors of Doritos tortilla chips that have no gluten added. (Meaning they contain no gluten containing ingredients such as wheat or barley.) But, these nacho chips have not been verified to be gluten free or labelled as gluten free, because the snacks may have come into contact with wheat through cross contamination at the factory.

Here are the varieties of Doritos that don’t contain added gluten, but could have cross contamination issues:

  • Nacho Cheese Doritos
  • Doritos Spicy Nacho flavor tortilla chips
  • Cool Ranch Doritos
  • Doritos Blaze chips
  • Doritos Poppin’ jalapeno flavor
  • Doritos Salsa Verde tortilla chips
  • Doritos Taco flavor tortilla chips
  • Doritos Tapatio flavor tortilla chips

So, there’s quite a selection of DORITOS that don’t contain gluten as an ingredient in their tortilla chips. BUT, please be super careful if you’re Celiac, because cross contamination could occur at the facilities where the tortilla chips are made.

Remember that any other flavor not listed above likely DOES contain ingredients like wheat or barley and should not be eaten. Those other flavors likely DO contain gluten.

Do Doritos have gluten?

Our conclusion is that there is one flavored Doritos snack (the Simply Doritos Organic White Cheddar) that is entirely gluten free! You’ll see that the bags are also labelled as gluten free, which makes it easy.

Plus, there are quite a few types of DORITOS snacks available that don’t contain any gluten as an ingredient added to the chips. But, as always, Celiacs and those with gluten intolerance will need to be aware of possible cross contamination issues that could make them sick. If you’re Celiac, please consider only eating the DORITOS that say gluten free right on the bag. Happy snacking!

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