Are corn flakes gluten free? (Kellogg’s and others) Gluten free breakfast cereal questions

Hello all! Today’s question is: “Are corn flakes gluten free?” With the main ingredient being corn, it might seem obvious that corn flakes MUST be gluten free. But are they? Are they safe for Celiacs, or anyone with a gluten allergy to eat?

Do corn flakes have gluten? Or are they gluten free?

NO, sadly most commercially produced brands of Corn Flakes are not gluten free. Kellogg’s corn flakes, for example, contain barley – which is NOT a gluten free grain. Other types of corn flakes contain types of sweeteners that are not safe for a celiac to eat. (We’ve also researched whether other popular cereals are gluten free: Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies, Cap’n Crunch and Cheerios to name just a few.)

Are any brands of corn flakes gluten free?

There are types of corn flakes that are gluten free, but as we always suggest: check the box to make sure! Only choose a type of breakfast cereal that clearly says GLUTEN FREE right on the label. That way you’ll know that what you’re eating is safe.

And yes, there are some brands of corn flakes that are made without gluten-containing ingredients.

  • Barbara’s corn flakes are certified gluten free. They are also organic and fruit juice sweetened, if you’re trying to avoid products with processed white sugar.
  • Nature’s Path Corn flakes are also certified to be gluten free, and are fruit juice sweetened! Another nice option for cereal lovers who happen to be Celiac.

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