Are chocolate chips gluten free?

Are chocolate chips gluten free? Chocolate chips are a real favorite in many households, and a baking staple that many of us love to snack on while we’re whipping up a batch of chocolate chip cookies! (Or, chocolate chip peanut butter bars…or chocolate chip muffins. Or gluten free chocolate chip pancakes…The list goes on and on!) But for those of us who are Celiac, or who deal with a serious gluten allergy we really need to know if these are safe for us to eat.

Are all chocolate chips gluten free?

We can’t say for certain that every type of chocolate chip is gluten free. MOST chocolate chips are gluten free. For instance, certain brands clearly label their packages of chocolate chips as being gluten free. This is the safest option for anyone who is Celiac – that the products have been independently tested and verified as being Gluten free.

Most chocolate chips contain no gluten-containing ingredients. So, they will be safe for some people. But, please keep in mind that if chocolate chips haven’t been verified to be gluten free, it may be because they’re produced in facilities that also make products that DO contain gluten. This means there’s a chance of cross contamination, and for Celiacs and anyone with a serious gluten allergy, they should avoid them.

So, stick to verified gluten free chocolate chips. I found that Enjoy Life brand is certified gluten free, (US link here) and they’re also free of lots of other allergens. (Enjoy Life chocolate chips and chocolate chunks have no wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, sulfites, lupin, fish, peanuts, tree nuts, casein, egg, sesame or mustard.) Plus, they’re vegan!

Other brands such as Nestle chocolate chips are also gluten free! In fact, all of the varieties of Nestle chocolate chips are verified gluten free EXCEPT their butterscotch flavored chips, so watch out for those.

Another popular chocolate chip brand – Hershey’s Chipits – are also verified gluten free! Their packages clearly say GLUTEN FREE on them. You can buy a large sack of these on Amazon, and have them on store to whip up a batch of cookies whenever the urge hits you. (For me, that urge happens more and more often!)

So, are chocolate chips gluten free?

Most of the time the answer is YES. But, unless you have a package of certified gluten free chocolate chips, then there’s always a danger of slight exposure to gluten because of cross contamination. Stay safe, and eat well! And if that includes eating a chocolate chip cookie or two, well so be it! 😉

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