Are Cheerios gluten free? Gluten free cereal

Breakfast time! And today we’re asking the all-important question: Are Cheerios gluten free? Not only is this a classic breakfast cereal, but Moms and Dads everywhere can confirm that this is also a favorite snack of babies and toddlers all around the world!

Are Cheerios gluten free? Yes and No.

Cheerios produced in different countries appear to have a different gluten free status at this time. Products made in the US are labelled as gluten free. But, when checking products in Canada, it appears that they aren’t gluten free. Confusing, we know.

The process to make Cheerios gluten free in the US is very impressive, with massive work being done at the Cheerios factories to ensure that ONLY oats are used in their cereal, and no grains of barley or wheat. In the US, every batch of their oats is tested to make sure it has less than 20 parts per million of gluten, thereby allowing it to be certified as gluten free.

So…for now, it looks like if you’re in the US, most Cheerios are gluten free. (And this includes many varieties, such as original Cheerios, Honey nut Cheerios, blueberry Cheerios, Frosted Cheerios, Chocolate Cheerios and ” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Multigrain Cheerios.) But, always be sure to check for GLUTEN FREE on the label. This means that box of cereal was made in a plant that has undertaken these strict rules to ensure that 100% oats are used in their products. If you have an older box of Cheerios, with no gluten free label, then I’d be very careful. You could be consuming gluten mistakenly, due to cross contamination.

Check for GLUTEN FREE on the box

Always make sure it says gluten free, because in Canada at least the manufacturer says that their products are not gluten free. To make it simpler, on Amazon I simply searched for Gluten Free Cheerios. Then you can choose the products that are clearly labelled gluten free. (Another clue is if the box says 100% whole grain oats. That appears to be another clue that it was made in a factory that has new equipment to ensure that ONLY oats are in the cereal.)

So, if you have a box of GLUTEN FREE Cheerios – enjoy that bowl of cereal, or that box of snacks for your babies. Hopefully in time, all Cheerios – no matter where they were produced – will be gluten free.

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  1. I find it really fascinating when products are different depending on the country. Thank you for the info and pointing that out on cheerios!

    1. Hello, and thanks for dropping by! I found it quite interesting about Cheerios too, while doing the research. I’ll be sure to update this post if the gluten free status of Cheerios ever changes again.

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