Are Airheads gluten free? Gluten free candy choices

Airheads candy is a type of chewy, tangy fruity candy made in the US. Comes in original (fruit) flavor, or all sorts of other yummy flavors like grape, orange, strawberry, green apple and blue raspberry. These have been one of kids’ favorite candies since 1985. So maybe you grew up eating yummy airheads taffy!

But are Airheads gluten free?

The answer is – sometimes. Most Airheads taffy bars do not contain actual gluten ingredients. The exception to that rule is the Airhead Xtreme candies, which list wheat right on their label. Make sure to avoid eating those!

The other candies may have issues of cross contamination, due to the fact that all of the Airheads candies are made in the same facilities. That’s why even the taffy bars that do not contain gluten cannot safely be labelled as gluten free.

Which Airheads are gluten free?

The types of Airheads candy that don’t contain any actual gluten ingredients are:

  • Chewy Full size Airheads fruit taffy bars
  • Airhead Bites – these chewy snacks are small candies and maybe even easier to eat than the full size taffy bars. Bite size candies.
  • Airheads Gum – I was pretty impressed by the fact that these are sugar free and made with xylitol. I always choose to chew xylitol sweetened gum, since it doesn’t contain sugar or aspartame.
  • Airheads gummies – like gummy bears, but with that distinctive and tangy fruit flavor of Airheads!
  • Airheads soft filled bites – all the good stuff of Airheads, but with a soft filling to add to the fun. Yum!

Are Airheads vegan?

I’ve noticed that a LOT of people also search to discover whether Airheads candy are vegan or not. The information I could discover showed that Airheads bites are NOT vegan, due to the fact that they have both beeswax and shellac. (Interesting – I did not know that shellac wasn’t a vegan product!?)

Other types of Airheads candies ARE in fact vegan, though. Make sure your package of candy does not contain beeswax or shellac to ensure that you’re eating a vegan candy. Regular Airheads and Airhead Xtreme are vegan BUT please remember that if you’re Celiac or need to avoid gluten due to an allergy, then the Airhead Xtreme are NOT gluten free.

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