25 Best Gluten Free Snacks on Amazon

Let me first of all admit that researching this post has made me unbelievably hungry!! Finding the best, most highly rated gluten free snack foods on Amazon was a fun task to undertake. But boy, did it get the old appetite revved up.

When you are first diagnosed as celiac, or as having a gluten allergy you may feel incredibly depressed about all the foods you think you’ll NEVER be able to eat again. I hope this list of GF snacks and munchies will give you inspiration to snack happy..and healthy! Onward then, fellow snackers, to the glorious array of snacks!

Gluten Free Bars

  1. Kind bars come in a tempting array of flavours like Almond Sea Salt & Dark Chocolate. Using only real ingredients that you can SEE (nice big chunks of nuts, and generous lashings of chocolate), these make an awesome snack or easy breakfast. Box of 12.
  2. Nature Valley gluten free almond roasted nut crunch bars with roasted almonds are a high protein snack! They are also kosher, and fit neatly into your bag as an anytime snack throughout the day. Box of 6.
  3. Larabars are one of my all-time favourites! Their flavours range from Apple Pie to Peanut Butter Chocolate chip (my go-to sweet snack). The ingredients used are incredibly simple: nuts, fruit and dates to sweeten. Vegan. Box of 16.
  4. Kellogg’s Special K protein bars – These ones are high protein and come packed with delicious ingredients like pecans, peanuts and chocolate chunks. Ooh boy, that sounds good! Box of 4.
  5. Honeybar snack bars – use real honey as a binding ingredient, and the only sweetener. Awesome flavor choices include peanut butter and jam, and Sweet and Salty. Dairy free, soy free, vegetarian. Box of 5.
  6. Simply Protein Bars – are plant-fueled protein bars that taste insanely yummy. I’m always a fan of chocolate, but surprisingly my very favorite bars in this line are the Lemon Coconut flavor. I could eat a box of those on my own! (But yes, there is a chocolate option too, never you worry.) And did I happen to mention that these contain a mere 1 gram of sugar? Excellent if you’re trying to eat less sugar, but still want a yummy and filling bar to snack on.

Gluten Free Cookies and Squares

7. Mi-Del gluten free ginger snap cookies are the perfect cookie choice to go with a cup of tea or coffee. See? You don’t even have to give up good gingersnap cookies. Hooray! (Also makes great gingersnap cookie crumbs for pumpkin cheesecake recipes or other recipes.) 227 gram bag.

8. Made Good Vanilla Krispy squares – are a gluten free Rice Krispies square! But, made even healthier – certified peanut free (so safe for your kids’ lunch boxes) and Non-GMO. They also sneakily tuck in vegetable powder, to greatly increase the nutritional value of this snack! Pack of 6.

9. Enjoy Life soft baked cookies – A multi-pack that includes their: soft chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles, gingerbread spice cookies, double chocolate brownie cookies. This 6-pack comes with two boxes each of both the chocolate varieties. Yay for chocolate lovers!

10. Tutti Gourmet Gluten free Biscotti – are a beautiful alternative to that classic Italian cookie. Link is to the classic almond flavored cookie, but check out their other varieties too.

11. Kinnickinnick Animal Cookies – are an awesome addition to your snack pantry! I adore these miniature cookies with a cup of tea. Great for celiac children and toddlers, too, who are missing these favourite little nibbles. 220 gram box. (Link is to chocolate variety, but look out for the vanilla regular type as well.)

Gluten Free Crackers & Savoury Snacks

12. Breton Original with Flax Gluten Free Crackers – are pretty much ALWAYS in my cupboard. These taste like the original Breton crackers! They make an easy side to a bowl of soup or I top them with tuna salad or cheese for another easy lunch or snack. SO Good!!!! My gluten-eating coworker asks for these when I bring them to work, so that tells you something. Price point is amazing, too at $3.50 or under a box. (Price at time of writing was only $1.97, but prices can change at any time.) Peanut free and kosher. 222 gram box.

13. Mary’s Gourmet Organic Gluten Free Crackers – are a healthful choice, chock full of nutritious ingredients like flaxseeds, whole grain brown rice and quinoa. VEGAN. These are a very crunchy cracker – if you like one a bit easier to munch on, try the Breton crackers in #12, above. But, if you like a real crunch – you’ll love these nutrional megastars! 184 gram box.

14. Ocean’s Tuna Snackits with Rice Crackers – a simple, grab and go gluten free lunch! The most flavourful option is the celery and onion – a small tin of tuna, mixed with those veggies and mayo and a sleeve of gluten free rice crackers. Gluten free lunch at work, solved! Pack of 12.

15. Barbara’s gluten free cheese puffs – are the classic cheese puffs we know and love, but improved! Made with real aged cheddar for a delicious cheesy snack. 155 gram bag.

16. Quaker Crispy Mini Chips in Crunchy Dill Flavour – these crunchy snacks are packed with tangy dill flavour! If you love dill pickle chips, but want a lower-fat (and gluten free) option, try these. Pack of 12 – 1.7 kg total weight.

17. Glutino Pretzel Twists – Wonderful! A bag of gluten-free pretzels that you can enjoy and share with guests. Glutino pretzels are made in Canada, and really satisfy that pretzel craving. Nice and salty, just as they should be. 400 gram bag.

Gluten Free Chocolate, Granola Bites, Sweets & Treats

18. Nature’s Path Organic gluten free granola – Bulk buy of 8 packs! Delicious Summer Berries flavor, with yogurt covered pieces. Yum! Just perfect for your breakfast time yogurt parfait with layers of yogurt and handfuls of this delicious gluten free granola.

19. Prana Inca Trail Dark Chocolate with Cranberries and seeds – This gorgeous, richly flavoured dark chocolate will satisfy any sweet craving you might have! Made even more satisfying with the addition of dried, sweet cranberries and almonds and pumpkin seeds. SO GOOD. 100 gram bag.

20. Rice Chex Cereal – Sometimes, you just want a snack of a good, crunchy bowl of cereal topped with milk! I’m so glad that all the types of Chex cereal are now gluten free. (The only kind that IS NOT gluten free is Wheat Chex. Makes sense.) Makes an awesome, quick breakfast topped with sliced bananas. Or, an anytime snack. 365 gram box. (We are so into gluten free Chex cereals that we wrote a whole article about them.)

21. Patience Fruit and Co Organic Chocolate Bites – Dark chocolate and coconut (I already love it!!!) combine into a healthful snack. Yes please. Organic and gluten free, but also a high source of fiber and iron.

22. Gluten Free Bar Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites – These high protein snack bites use only wholesome and organic ingredients. The flavour I chose is packed with cocoa and coconut, plus natural sweeteners like dates and brown rice syrup. The protein comes from the addition of pea protein – a plant-based protein source. 113 gram bag.

23. Mott’s Fruitsations + Veggies Berry flavoured fruit chews – is a gluten free snack that gets a surprise addition of veggies in! (Without your kids even noticing…) Chewy fruit snacks without gluten OR gelatin. Big 32-bag box.

24. Glutino yogurt-covered gluten free pretzels – A variety of pretzels that satisfies your sweet and salty cravings all in one go! 156 gram bag.

25. Simply Delish sugar free gluten free chocolate pudding -Sometimes you just need pudding! This type is also vegan and sugar free.

Our Favorite Gluten Free Snacks

No matter what your craving – from dark chocolate, or peanut butter, or savoury salty snacks – we’ve got you covered! I hope you’ve found just the right snack for your gluten-free lifestyle. And now, I’m off to get a snack, too. Obviously.

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