10 Amazing Gluten Free Finds on Amazon right now – Snacks, Treats and Food (Canada)

I probably shouldn’t write this post while hungry, right? Or else my Amazon cart will be filled with goodies WAY too quickly! Oh well…I’m helping inspire you to try some new, delicious Amazon treats and foods – all of them tested and certified (and labelled) as gluten free. I hope you find some new favourites! These are all Amazon.ca goodies, but we’ll be doing another post soon for Amazon.com finds, so don’t you worry a bit!

This post contains affiliate links, which means we could earn a small commission on sales at no extra cost to you. Thank you! And Amazon prices can change at any time, but are current at time of writing.

1. Gluten free gnocchi

This gluten free gnocchi by Vita Sana is impressively rated – 4.5 stars – and yet currently is only priced at $2.49 per pack! What an easy way to whip up a gluten free Italian feast, and still stay on budget.

2. Gluten free shortbread cookies

I’ve written about these little bad boys before, (article and review right here) and man are they good. If you dunk, they’re sturdy enough to dunk into a cup of steaming hot coffee or tea. A great little gift item for a friend or family member who can’t eat gluten, but missed their classic shortbread treat.

3. Gluten free macaroni and cheese mix (Annie’s)

I love mac and cheese! I’m probably not alone in that…and this mix by Annie’s is quite similar to good old Kraft Dinner. I actually prefer this white cheddar variety, and I often top it with a little extra parmesan cheese on top, just to make sure it is extra cheesey. Oh, and to make it ‘fancy’ (hahaha) I cook a few green peas on the side and sometimes mix them right in. Then at least I am getting a few veggies, if you know what I mean.

4. Gluten free Betty Crocker brownies

These make such decadent and fudgy brownies that gluten-eaters will not know the difference! Seriously, try them out and see if they can tell they’re gluten free. So incredibly good.

5. Gluten free oven-ready lasagna noodles

Prepare your favourite lasagna with these gluten free noodles. They are oven ready, which means they’ll cook perfectly fine in the oven. Just make sure you have enough liquid in the lasagna – such as enough sauce – to ensure thorough cooking. Yum, lasagna!

6. Gluten free chocolate chip cookies

These are posh, thin type chocolate chip cookies by Tate’s Bakeshop in NY state. If you love a thin and crispy cookie, absolutely full of ooey gooey chips, then you’ll love these. Ratings and reviews are consistently high. If you (like me!) prefer cookies hot out of the oven, and you don’t mind whipping up a gluten free cookie mix then I recommend the Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix so highly. One time I took a batch of them to a get together, forgot to label them as gluten free, and I hardly had a chance to grab one before they had utterly disappeared! THAT is how delicious they are.

7. Gluten free Ginger snap cookies

So flavourful, and have a good snap when you break them! (And yes, I have been watching too many episodes of the Great British Baking Show lately.) Thank you Mi-Del for making such awesome gluten free cookies for us! Again, a perfect companion to a cup of tea or coffee. Good price too, considering that you get a decent sized bag of cookies. Or biscuits, if you prefer.

8. Gluten free granola

Ooh, yum. An excellent way to start the day in a bowl with milk – or switch it up by using this Cashew and Coconut gluten free granola by Nature’s Path to top your bowl of yogurt. Add a handful of fresh raspberries or blueberries, and you have a simple meal that you can pop into a to-go container and take with you to work or school. Delish. This granola gets an amazing, perfect rating of 5 stars on Amazon, and has a legion of fans that eat it daily.

9. Gluten free snack and protein bars

I love a good snack or protein bar, because you can grab one and eat and carry on with whatever else needs to get done! Larabars are still one of my absolute faves, as they are whole foods – only really containing nuts, dates and a few other select ingredients. (Like chocolate chips, which in my mind is totally a whole food. ;)) Varieties include double chocolate brownie Larabars, peanut butter chocolate chip (My favourite, yes yes!) or lemon. I haven’t tried the lemon yet, but am quite curious to do so. If you want bars with an extra healthy dose of protein, then Simply Protein are my go to. The lemon coconut ones are insanely good, and besides the impressive protein have only 2 grams of sugar. And yet they taste so good!

10. Gluten free muffin mix

I like this plain gluten free muffin mix by Duinkerken, because you can use it to create your own custom muffin creations. Like coconut chocolate chip, or blueberry with a streusel topping. Ooh, or add dried cranberries and chopped toasted walnuts. The base muffin mix is moist and delicious, so you can add anything and it’ll be a win.